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management Goodhardt's Law
Brent Stewart | Thursday, Jan 26, 2023
Goodhard’t law is a good example of why we say management is an art. Many of you won’t be familiar with this, but you should. The law says . . . When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure. Goodhardt’s law speaks to the tendency of people to optimize around a measurement. A “measure” is anything that you track, such as what percentage of folks worked from home today.
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non-technical IMHO
Brent Stewart | Sunday, Jan 22, 2023
I’ve created a seperate site - - to house my book reviews, discoveries, and thoughts on non-Internet subjects. I titled this “IMHO” or “in my humble opinion”, but I’ve always tried to avoid opinions in this space on non-technical topics. Even the “non-technical” tag is about Internet topics for presentation to non-techies. I started writing because I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and because I enjoy writing and wanted to develop the skill by making it more of a discipline.
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gns3 Running GNS3 on Proxmox VE
Brent Stewart | Saturday, Jan 21, 2023
I used to run GNS3 on ESXi, by my really-old Cisco UCS server is not supported by current versions of VMWare and I wanted to move to a FOSS solution anyway so I’ve been using Proxmox VE for about a year. I have a generally positive impression of Proxmox - in fact, one of the most positive things I can say is that it’s been pretty much a drop-in replacement.
Tags: GNS3 Proxmox Virtualization

games Slingshot
Brent Stewart | Sunday, Jan 15, 2023
Thirty five years ago (!) I took my Amiga 1000 to college. There used to be a copy of WordPerfect for everything and that was what I did a lot of my term papers on. I would print postscript files to a 3.5" disk, then take them to the library and print using copy > lpt1: to the LaserWriter. But then, like now, computers were used for more than just work.
Tags: Games linux

self-host Nextcloud File Discovery
Brent Stewart | Monday, Jan 2, 2023
I’ve heard good things about Nextcloud for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge. I have a home file server that is accessed via sshfs and nfs, but it’s a little problematic to get to from Windows or mobile. Nextcloud extends the file sharing through a web and dav interface to make it accessible from anywhere. Nextcloud offers a lot of functionality, but my initial focus is just on straight-forward file-sharing.
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