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I've been a voracious reader my whole life, but in recent years short articles and social media have been replacing more thoughtful fare. I'm trying to rebuild that discipline of investing in long-form work and I'm sharing my impressions on the journey.

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leadership Blameless Post Mortems
Brent Stewart | Thursday, Nov 17, 2022
If you support IT infrastructure, the goal is to minimize issues (particularly issues with big impacts). Some issues can be anticipated and pre-mitigated. Considerable success can be achieved but perfect is not for this life. As a leader, I want to ensure that we learn and improve from every issue. One way to do that is through a post-mortem process. I had a mish-mash of approaches that I used from reading Atul Gwande.
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leadership Wisdom in 17 sayings
Brent Stewart | Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022
I grab onto quotes. Some I hold onto long enough to consider and they pop up in conversation at odd times. Others seem to bubble up consistently. To me, these favorite quotes are the compass that I use to retain my sense of direction in difficult times and circumstances. Folks who have worked with me over the years will have heard versions of these sayings (and probably some that I am forgetting right now).
linux Updated Ubuntu Upgrading
Brent Stewart | Monday, Nov 14, 2022
OS Hopping update I’ve confessed in this blog to being a distro hopper. I love to see what is possible and to explore alternatives! I haven’t provided an update on where that journey has taken me, so let’s start there. I have a desktop, where the majority of work is done, and a laptop for traveling and returning emails from the couch. The desktop is running Pop! OS and I’ve considered changing that many times (most recently to Nix OS) but just haven’t.
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virtualization Basic Packer
Brent Stewart | Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022
Hashicorp makes some cool tools for playing in the cloud or a virtualized environment, especially if you want to build out an Infrastructure as Code approach and make infrastructure updates a CI process. Packer is a tool that let’s you define a server - OS, cores, storage, packages, and all - in a script that can be built on demand. You can even define your environment, like LAMP, in the packer script and load your application files.
network Tailscale
Brent Stewart | Tuesday, Oct 4, 2022
I’m interested in TailScale. I’ve been hearing good things about it from my friend, Jared, and TailScale has a fair set of proponents on my favorite podcasts. A couple years ago, I setup ZeroTier and built a dedicated Linux device to attach to the ZeroTier network and route into my local LAN. I wrote a well-received set of articles about that experience (Zerotier Basic Configuration and ZeroTier Router). ZeroTier continues to work well, but I haven’t been traveling as much and have left the VM off lately.

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Blameless Post Mortems
by Brent Stewart on 11/17/22
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Wisdom in 17 sayings
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Updated Ubuntu Upgrading
by Brent Stewart on 11/14/22
Tags: linux

The Intentional Father by Jon Tyson
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Basic Packer
by Brent Stewart on 10/19/22
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Fletch and the Man Who by Gregory McDonald
by Brent Stewart on 10/6/22
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