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Fletch and the Man Who by Gregory McDonald

by Brent Stewart on Thursday, Oct 6, 2022

My habit is to flip between a serious and thoughtful book and something that is just fun. One of the authors that I’ve always really enjoyed is Gregory McDonald, in particular his books about Fletch and Flynn. It occured to me that I’ve just picked up the odd book here and there, so I went to Amazon and filled in the missing parts of my collection and I’ve been re-reading the entire series.

Fletch is such a pin-ball character, I have to wonder how much he served as the inspiration for Shawn on Psych. The droll humor hits a spot for me in the same way.

For fiction, I’m not going to give a detailed review of the book. I’m just going to answer two questions:

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This is light, quick, enjoyable reading. Fletch and the Man Who is set in the 70s, which doesn’t seem like 50 years ago but is. Fletch takes a job as the spokesperson for a presidential candidate (the Man Who). The world was different, but the book is still very fresh and enjoyable.

Do I recommend it?

Fletch and the Man Who is mid-series and I’d recommend all the books for folks who want a light enjoyable read. I get the attraction of dark, heavy, relevant and thoughtful fiction, but sometimes you just want popcorn. Fletch was the first published, but in the books chronology you would start with Fletch Won.


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